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Wales, St Clair, Michigan


Latitude: 42.9525216, Longitude: -82.6858893


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boss, Bertha Lavina  16 Jan 1880Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18328
2 Boss, William Robert  28 Nov 1881Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18322
3 Bowen, George W  12 May 1871Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22474
4 Bowen, Henry Newell  28 Oct 1875Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22472
5 Bowen, Mary M  26 Apr 1867Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22476
6 Cove, Fred  15 Feb 1883Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18365
7 Doan, Bettie Jean  25 May 1930Wales, St Clair, Michigan P3592
8 Green, Marinda  27 Mar 1858Wales, St Clair, Michigan P7252
9 Huffman, Samuel H  12 Nov 1853Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18369
10 Lashbrook, Ethel Irene  21 Aug 1883Wales, St Clair, Michigan P13328
11 Lashbrook, Susan I  17 Sep 1886Wales, St Clair, Michigan P13326
12 Lashbrook, William E  12 Jun 1885Wales, St Clair, Michigan P13327
13 Lewis, Clayton Arthur  18 Feb 1889Wales, St Clair, Michigan P3077
14 McTavish, Kathryn Lois  Abt 1888Wales, St Clair, Michigan P27504
15 Ryan, Clara May  12 Apr 1882Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22359
16 Ryan, Joseph  11 Feb 1879Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22352
17 Ryan, Richard  7 May 1885Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22351
18 Seeley, Ida M  1 Nov 1885Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18305
19 Seeley, Iva May  12 Mar 1883Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18307
20 Showers, Susan  30 Jul 1867Wales, St Clair, Michigan P7123
21 Thompson, Alfred  15 Apr 1907Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1401
22 Thompson, Betty Jane  27 Mar 1927Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1396
23 Thompson, Earl Frederick  19 Feb 1889Wales, St Clair, Michigan P173
24 Thompson, Harriet  27 Sep 1915Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1420
25 Thompson, Harvey M  1 March 1906Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1404
26 Thompson, Howard F  20 Mar 1912Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1399
27 Thompson, Robert  5 Sep 1914Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1398


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Ruth  19 Dec 1932Wales, St Clair, Michigan P7126
2 Boss, Ruth Amelia  9 Jun 1946Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18352
3 Carnahan, Joseph Henry  9 Jan 1923Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22426
4 Caswell, Eli  19 Apr 1901Wales, St Clair, Michigan P21637
5 Cove, Fred  19 Feb 1933Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18365
6 Cove, Robert D  13 Jul 1930Wales, St Clair, Michigan P18374
7 Farlow, Bruce J  28 Jun 1901Wales, St Clair, Michigan P17476
8 Farlow, Kate M  17 Apr 1909Wales, St Clair, Michigan P17475
9 Gough, Susan  9 Jul 1941Wales, St Clair, Michigan P21866
10 Green, Marinda  4 Jan 1941Wales, St Clair, Michigan P7252
11 Hartley, Elizabeth  31 Aug 1919Wales, St Clair, Michigan P12617
12 Hawkins, Marion  11 Oct 1901Wales, St Clair, Michigan P7262
13 Hern, Margaret  21 Jan 1920Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22438
14 Lashbrook, Ethel Irene  6 Sep 1883Wales, St Clair, Michigan P13328
15 Lecupier, Catherine  4 Aug 1898Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22470
16 Lewis, Edith  8 Apr 1902Wales, St Clair, Michigan P3076
17 Markell, Minerva R  11 Aug 1922Wales, St Clair, Michigan P5849
18 Marshall, Reuben  9 Apr 1918Wales, St Clair, Michigan P12618
19 Peck, Laura  31 Jan 1887Wales, St Clair, Michigan P13315
20 Ruby, Charles Palmer  7 Jan 1930Wales, St Clair, Michigan P91
21 Ryan, Richard  1 Jul 1885Wales, St Clair, Michigan P22351
22 Thompson, Alfred  15 Apr 1907Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1401
23 Thompson, Andrew  8 Oct 1905Wales, St Clair, Michigan P182
24 Thompson, Betty Jane  27 Mar 1927Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1396
25 Thompson, Earl Frederick  4 Oct 1930Wales, St Clair, Michigan P173
26 Thompson, Harriet  8 Oct 1915Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1420
27 Thompson, Howard F  14 Jun 1912Wales, St Clair, Michigan P1399
28 Thompson, Myrtle Mae  2 Dec 1931Wales, St Clair, Michigan P176


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benson / Perry  3 Jul 1869Wales, St Clair, Michigan F7498
2 Boss / Fitz  28 Nov 1888Wales, St Clair, Michigan F4454
3 Hart / Marshall  21 Feb 1880Wales, St Clair, Michigan F2876