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Bay City, Bay, Michigan


Latitude: 43.5944677, Longitude: -83.8888647


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Helen Beatrice  24 Dec 1892Bay City, Bay, Michigan P7502
2 Beck, Frank J Jr  8 Jan 1952Bay City, Bay, Michigan P10828
3 Benway, Lillian Frances  9 Jan 1900Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26324
4 Cornell, Robert Douglas  9 May 1923Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30742
5 Hutchins, Mary E  6 Dec 1896Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26939
6 Kellogg, Clifton K  19 Jan 1920Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30940
7 Kellogg, Virginia Mary  10 Sep 1918Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30941
8 Kellogg, Ward Hutchins  14 Feb 1917Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30939
9 Lemon, William Douglas Sr  26 Oct 1899Bay City, Bay, Michigan P7721
10 Maxson, Cecil  2 Feb 1909Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30504
11 Patterson, David Frank  23 Aug 1943Bay City, Bay, Michigan P10826
12 Patterson, Ersell  7 Jan 1925Bay City, Bay, Michigan P127
13 Patterson, Mary Elizabeth  18 Jul 1913Bay City, Bay, Michigan P120
14 Ralph, Charles Joseph  15 Mar 1887Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26263
15 Ralph, Ida Josephine  13 Aug 1893Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26281
16 Reuther, Theodore Jr  7 Nov 1899Bay City, Bay, Michigan P8415
17 Stevenson, Ellen Anna  15 Feb 1895Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30697


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barcia, Leroy Joseph  17 Mar 1990Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26584
2 Brown, Wilfred Francis  16 Apr 1989Bay City, Bay, Michigan P10830
3 Clark, Lavina  28 Apr 1971Bay City, Bay, Michigan P15447
4 Colberg, Margaret Lanah  16 Jun 1997Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26562
5 Colberg, Ormey Henry  26 Apr 1997Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26558
6 Cornell, Henry R  27 Feb 1933Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30648
7 Gerard, Alden  9 Dec 1937Bay City, Bay, Michigan P25576
8 Hutchins, Almond  18 Sep 1980Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26940
9 Hutchins, Frederick Almon  2 Jan 1934Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30936
10 Hutchins, Stephen  23 Mar 1924Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26926
11 Jackson, Mary Elizabeth  8 Dec 1924Bay City, Bay, Michigan P10418
12 Kellogg, Clifton K  6 Feb 1983Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30940
13 Kellogg, Virginia Mary  19 Apr 1990Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30941
14 Kellogg, Ward Hutchins  18 Dec 1991Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30939
15 Mackenzie, Charles George  12 Jun 1948Bay City, Bay, Michigan P25029
16 McArthur, Elizabeth  3 Aug 1909Bay City, Bay, Michigan P26278
17 Meredith, Cora Rose  17 Oct 1950Bay City, Bay, Michigan P58
18 Patterson, Daniel  26 Apr 1951Bay City, Bay, Michigan P122
19 Patterson, David Frank  8 Jan 1944Bay City, Bay, Michigan P10826
20 Patterson, Dayton  12 Oct 1901Bay City, Bay, Michigan P10419
21 Patterson, Dayton Cyrus  19 Jul 1987Bay City, Bay, Michigan P123
22 Patterson, Eleanor E  9 Aug 1990Bay City, Bay, Michigan P126
23 Patterson, Ersell  25 Jun 1986Bay City, Bay, Michigan P127
24 Patterson, Frank Walter Jr  22 Jul 1988Bay City, Bay, Michigan P124
25 Patterson, Mary Elizabeth  25 Jul 1914Bay City, Bay, Michigan P120
26 Patterson, Venata  21 Dec 1971Bay City, Bay, Michigan P125
27 Scott, George B  13 Aug 1891Bay City, Bay, Michigan P22367
28 Shaver, Edna May  6 June 1969Bay City, Bay, Michigan P6581
29 Shay, Gertrude  20 Dec 1917Bay City, Bay, Michigan P30666
30 Thompson, Frank C  15 May 1946Bay City, Bay, Michigan P25062


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnhart / Doane  25 Dec 1905Bay City, Bay, Michigan F9089
2 Chapin / Guilfoil  8 Jan 1906Bay City, Bay, Michigan F9091
3 Cooper / Brown  21 Aug 1905Bay City, Bay, Michigan F9109