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West Virginia


Latitude: 38.5976262, Longitude: -80.4549026


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Loyal Raymond  23 January 1905West Virginia P16997
2 Adams, Mary  Abt 1868West Virginia P16995
3 Adams, Roy J  Aug 1899West Virginia P16998
4 Boley, Charlotte Bell  Abt 1874West Virginia P16999
5 Booher, Donald Ray  26 Jan 1931West Virginia P20142
6 Brown, David A.  Abt 1878West Virginia P11033
7 Brown, Margaret  Abt 1868West Virginia P11031
8 Brown, Nancy J.  Abt 1870West Virginia P11032
9 Brown, Silas J  Jul 1840West Virginia P11030
10 Busby, Edna  Jan 1893West Virginia P15408
11 Busby, Edward T  Oct 1868West Virginia P15406
12 Busby, Hattie P  Jul 1891West Virginia P15409
13 Busby, Ola  Jun 1894West Virginia P15411
14 Busby, Sally  Abt 1899West Virginia P15410
15 Chamberlain, John Riley  Abt 1871West Virginia P20164
16 Conley, Arthur W  Abt 1905West Virginia P29216
17 Conley, Elvin Richard  19 Aug 1913West Virginia P29215
18 Conley, George  Abt 1903West Virginia P29210
19 Conley, George William  Mar 1840West Virginia P29192
20 Conley, Joseph J  Abt 1904West Virginia P29217
21 Conley, Maggie  Abt 1906West Virginia P29209
22 Conley, Minnie E  Abt 1879West Virginia P29220
23 Freeland, Olin L "Ollie"  Aug 1869West Virginia P29502
24 Groah, Madeline  22 Dec 1905West Virginia P31243
25 Hall, Lena M  Mar 1872West Virginia P15405
26 Hanlin, Cora E  1870West Virginia P9120
27 Hess, William  14 Apr 1839West Virginia P31405
28 Hodges, John Stanley Sr  12 Apr 1919West Virginia P33986
29 Jenkins, Remmie Lawrence  Abt 1896West Virginia P16508
30 Lyons, Richard E  Abt 1863West Virginia P29286
31 McClain, Halcyone Dale  Abt 1900West Virginia P16507
32 MNUK Brown, Bathsheba L  Aug 1834West Virginia P11029
33 MNUK Stover, Virginia A  Abt 1854West Virginia P11026
34 Overking, Tony  9 Nov 1911West Virginia P29283
35 Pride, Grace  Abt 1905West Virginia P23270
36 Pride, Rhuhama  Abt 1865West Virginia P23276
37 Pride, William C  Abt 1860West Virginia P23277
38 Rush, Stella C  Abt 1885West Virginia P29285
39 Shuck, James F  Dec 1852West Virginia P31441
40 Smith, H M  Aug 1864West Virginia P16992
41 Sommerville, Clovice Lee  18 Sep 1896West Virginia P23262
42 Stover, Annie S.  Abt 1878West Virginia P11035
43 Stover, Felix  1849West Virginia P11027
44 Stover, William Andrew  Feb 1878West Virginia P11023
45 Weeks, Lemon  Abt 1892West Virginia P31874
46 Weeks, Tryphena "Fanny"  Mar 1896West Virginia P31816
47 Wentz, Margaret Elizabeth  30 Oct 1868West Virginia P13093
48 Wolf, Jane  Apr 1869West Virginia P32898


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Jacob Jr  1953West Virginia P16994