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Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boling, Francis M  Abt 1839Alabama P32928
2 Brooks, Hugh  Abt 1832Alabama P15764
3 Brooks, Wm. M.  Abt 1844Alabama P34125
4 Brown, George W  Abt 1901Alabama P13738
5 Cochran, Sarah Jane  Abt 1841Alabama P13287
6 Donnell, James Webb Smith  21 Dec 1872Alabama P13344
7 Doss, Emma M  Jul 1874Alabama P32924
8 Edwards, Isaac  1838Alabama P4710
9 Hasting, Bessie  Jan 1893Alabama P30557
10 Hasting, Bird  Dec 1898Alabama P30558
11 Hasting, Celia  Mar 1896Alabama P30559
12 Hasting, James  May 1891Alabama P30560
13 Hastings, Charles P  Aug 1858Alabama P30556
14 Irwin, Joann  Abt 1843Alabama P31213
15 Long, Ida B  22 Jan 1893Alabama P1477
16 Mc Lenan, Robert B.  Abt 1860Alabama P13297
17 Mc Lenan, Warren S.  Abt 1862Alabama P13293
18 Neal, William  Abt 1823Alabama P32491
19 Nelms, Frank  Jun 1850Alabama P15569
20 O'Neal, James F  Aug 1862Alabama P29923
21 Parker, Jasper C  Abt 1848Alabama P11969
22 Parkhill, James W  Jan 1850Alabama P30328
23 Pate, Florence  Abt 1868Alabama P16212
24 Pate, Joshua  Abt 1870Alabama P15923
25 Pate, Martha  Abt 1848Alabama P15929
26 Pate, Rhodie A.  Abt 1866Alabama P16215
27 Powell, Henry C.  Abt 1829Alabama P29639
28 Pridgen, James Hill  Apr 1840Alabama P13448
29 Rider, Gertrude  Feb 1897Alabama P18061
30 Sauls, Fred L  9 Jun 1903Alabama P6152
31 Smith, Unknown  Alabama P15954
32 Walker, James  Abt 1901Alabama P32224
33 Weaver, Eddie  May 1860Alabama P30555
34 Wilkinson, William Jarvis  11 May 1829Alabama P31854


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Creech, Eliza E  26 May 1892Alabama P13283
2 Gee, Holly  11 Sep 1920Alabama P15894
3 Krieger, Lucinda  1897Alabama P1599
4 McLennan, Alexander Chisholm  2 Feb 1886Alabama P13284
5 O'Dell, Mary Elizabeth  27 Oct 2002Alabama P29461