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Nova Scotia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boss, Charles  May 1856Nova Scotia P18385
2 Boss, Jeptha  Abt 1823Nova Scotia P18331
3 Boss, Nathan  Abt 1819Nova Scotia P18370
4 Boss, Nathan  1849Nova Scotia P18355
5 Boss, Phebe  13 Oct 1819Nova Scotia P18325
6 Boss, Robert  Abt 1851Nova Scotia P18386
7 Boss, Sarah  19 May 1855Nova Scotia P18353
8 Chute, Sidney  Abt 1827Nova Scotia P13524
9 Cove, Abija  Abt 1792Nova Scotia P18376
10 Cove, Ada  Abt 1859Nova Scotia P18507
11 Cove, Alice  Abt 1861Nova Scotia P18506
12 Cove, Charles  25 Apr 1848Nova Scotia P18378
13 Cove, Edward  Abt 1864Nova Scotia P18505
14 Cove, Isabella  9 May 1822Nova Scotia P18330
15 Cove, James  14 Feb 1823Nova Scotia P18388
16 Cove, James  Abt 1856Nova Scotia P18511
17 Cove, James Phillips  20 May 1855Nova Scotia P18368
18 Cove, Joanna  Abt 1852Nova Scotia P18509
19 Cove, Mary  Abt 1854Nova Scotia P18508
20 Cove, Morton  Abt 1869Nova Scotia P18504
21 Cove, Nathaniel  Abt 1831Nova Scotia P18387
22 Cove, Samuel  1 Oct 1819Nova Scotia P18326
23 Mann, Mary  Abt 1802Nova Scotia P18375
24 Robinson, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1826Nova Scotia P18510