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Riley, St Clair, Michigan



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burgess, Claude  6 Aug 1878Riley, St Clair, Michigan P13386
2 Cornwell, Jane  14 Jul 1870Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12860
3 Day, Julia Frances  Abt 1845Riley, St Clair, Michigan P28159
4 Hicks, Ella  9 Aug 1898Riley, St Clair, Michigan  P5346
5 Hicks, Mary Matilda  8 Apr 1854Riley, St Clair, Michigan P5365
6 Ingles, Flossie  8 Jun 1889Riley, St Clair, Michigan P18396
7 Kile, Willis C  4 May 1857Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12851
8 McNutt, George  9 Nov 1869Riley, St Clair, Michigan P15134
9 McNutt, Josephine  25 Aug 1873Riley, St Clair, Michigan P15133
10 Mcnutt, Percy  19 Sep 1883Riley, St Clair, Michigan P9985
11 Sharrard, Anna  25 Mar 1902Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12869
12 Sharrard, Calvin E  4 Feb 1859Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12835
13 Sharrard, Ernest J  Aug 1880Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12873
14 Sharrard, Iva G  13 Feb 1888Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12849
15 Sharrard, Nancy L.  16 Mar 1863Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12839
16 Sharrard, Sarah M  11 Aug 1866Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12838


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, George H  13 Apr 1876Riley, St Clair, Michigan P8391
2 Coutts, Agnes  24 Sep 1909Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12818
3 Fries, Sylvester  10 Sep 1897Riley, St Clair, Michigan P17467
4 Gregg, Winifred Rachel  2 Nov 1950Riley, St Clair, Michigan P7241
5 Huffman, Samuel H  28 Apr 1930Riley, St Clair, Michigan P18369
6 Inman, Martha A  26 Dec 1936Riley, St Clair, Michigan P5341
7 Kile, Welcome  11 Oct 1906Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12882
8 Kile, Willis C  12 Aug 1909Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12851
9 Moses, Mary  21 Jan 1912Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12881
10 Sharrard, Alice J.  27 Jul 1922Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12837
11 Sharrard, Anna  10 Jun 1902Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12869
12 Sharrard, Sarah M  28 Aug 1929Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12838
13 Sharrard, William  9 Aug 1881Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12819
14 Sharrard, William Thomas  13 Jun 1941Riley, St Clair, Michigan P12834
15 Titus, Betsy  27 Apr 1872Riley, St Clair, Michigan P5344
16 Waite, Charles Ellery  24 Mar 1945Riley, St Clair, Michigan P7248


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Jennings / Day  26 Sep 1876Riley, St Clair, Michigan F7998
2 Rowland / Hicks  5 Feb 1913Riley, St Clair, Michigan F4631
3 Sharrard / Doty  3 Jan 1906Riley, St Clair, Michigan F2942