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Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada


Latitude: 44.0221843, Longitude: -79.3585240


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Abner Mendenhall  11 Sep 1858Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P946
2 Baker, Carlton  14 May 1860Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P951
3 Baker, Della Blanche  6 Dec 1882Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P2552
4 Baker, Elizabeth  12 Dec 1842Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P948
5 Baker, Ellis Leo  27 Apr 1892Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P2563
6 Baker, John Lemon  7 Sep 1847Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P949
7 Baker, Lemon  8 June 1854Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P947
8 Baker, Mary Ann  22 Dec 1812Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5782
9 Baker, Sarah  6 Feb 1817Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7776
10 Baker, Sylvanus  August 1860Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P12956
11 Davis, Alice  Abt 1857Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P2550
12 Lemon, Delia Mary  2 Mar 1884Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3011
13 Lemon, Delmar Clarkson  11 Jan 1887Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3010
14 Lemon, Elizabeth Jane  January 1857Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P12978
15 Lemon, Emanuel  April 1851Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7773
16 Lemon, Esther  6 Sep 1837Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7771
17 Lemon, Florence E  28 Oct 1871Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7565
18 Lemon, George  1841Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5778
19 Lemon, George R  Abt 1840Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7775
20 Lemon, Isaac  31 Aug 1868Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3013
21 Lemon, Joel  10 Jun 1850Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5776
22 Lemon, John  1845Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7774
23 Lemon, Joshua  1812Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P624
24 Lemon, Juliette  11 Dec 1865Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7566
25 Lemon, Lily  1874Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7564
26 Lemon, Mary Lauretta  27 Sept 1879Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3012
27 Lemon, Sarah  29 Sep 1837Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5780
28 Lemon, Sarah Elizabeth  24 Nov 1866Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3014
29 Macklem, Phillip  25 July 1832Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5327
30 Macklem, T. Crawfod  1856Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5333
31 Pickett, Ferguson  16 January 1879Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P12981
32 Sangster, Sarah Jane  3 April 1847Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P2551
33 Steckley, Frederick  13 Feb 1897Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3025
34 Steckley, Mable  13 Nov 1894Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3026
35 Steckley, Nora  6 Oct 1892Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3027
36 Steckley, Percy Lemons  4 Oct 1888Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3020
37 Steckley, Roy C  4 Nov 1890Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3018
38 Steckley, Verna Ada  21 Aug 1887Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3019
39 Watson, William Walter  29 May 1862Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7778


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth  12 May 1869Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P948
2 Baker, Mary Ann  1 Apr 1887Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5782
3 Baker, Rolph Tennyson  24 Nov 1937Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P12958
4 Baker, Sarah  27 Jul 1880Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7776
5 Lemon, Florence E  28 Feb 1875Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7565
6 Lemon, George R  3 Nov 1903Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7775
7 Lemon, John  22 Mar 1913Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7774
8 Lemon, Joshua  12 May 1885Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P624
9 Lemon, Sarah Elizabeth  8 Mar 1908Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3014
10 Macklem, Phillip  9 Oct 1914Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5327
11 Macklem, T. Crawfod  1937Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5333
12 Macklem, Thomas Adam  17 Jan 1847Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5331
13 McClintock, Ann Jane  10 July 1857Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5328
14 Paisley, James  1863Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P7573
15 Pingle, Margaret  20 Sep 1910Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5795
16 Steckley, Frederick  18 Oct 1985Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P3025
17 Wideman, Catherine  26 Dec 1867Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada P5332


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Paisley / Jamieson  27 Jun 1893Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada F1699
2 Ratcliff / Lemon  24 Oct 1900Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada F636